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In 1987, Mikkel struggles to live his new life as Michael with Ines as his guardian. Three Locations from the series around Berlin,", "Netflix continues to bring new and diverse stories from Europe, Middle East and Africa to the world", "Netflix announces second season on Facebook", "Netflix's 'Dark' Season 3 Release Date Revealed in an Ominous Trailer", "Dark review – a classy, knotty, time-travelling whodunnit for TV", "Is This New German Netflix Show The Next Stranger Things? In 2020, adult Jonas and Hannah meet Charlotte and Peter at the bunker and they discuss the existence of time travel, which they also reveal to a sceptical Katharina. 1987: Claudia tries to prevent the death of her father. At dawn, a disoriented Mikkel wakes up in the cave and runs home, only to discover what date he now lives in: 5 November 1986. Mikkel's disappearance brings back memories from 1986 when Ulrich's younger brother Mads vanished, and Ulrich starts believing that the disappearances of Erik, Mikkel, and the body of the third boy are related.
Jonas strangles Hannah to death and takes Silja in as an eventual member of Sic Mundus. Eva realizes that the cycle has finally been broken, and she and Adam embrace.
The younger Noah takes Jonas to the church, where he meets the older Noah, who escorts him to meet Adam, who reveals himself to be an elderly Jonas. While helping the Android's friend Victor, the crew find answers about Two's past. Hannah lies to Katharina that Ulrich wanted to leave his family, and Jonas breaks things off with Martha. The first season takes place primarily in 2019 but expands to include stories set in 1986, 1953, and – in the final scene of the first season – 2052, with several characters portrayed at various ages by multiple actors. This episode traces the sequence of various events from 1888 to 2054 that complete the cycle of events in Winden. Martha travels to the day of the apocalypse in Eva's world and tries to seek help from Magnus, who rebuffs her. The first season of the series was released on 1 December 2017. Jonas attempts suicide out of despair but is stopped by the teenage Noah. Agnes uses Noah's gun to kill him, which now works. An injured Jonas finds himself in Winden at the year 1921, where he is nursed by the inhabitants. Is Winden a real place?,", "Dark season 2 Netflix location: Where is Dark season 2 filmed? Additional story-lines are set in 2053 and 1921. Dark received critical acclaim, with praise for its tone, visuals, acting, casting, musical score, and the ambition and complexity of its narrative. With Perry Mattfeld, Rich Sommer, Brooke Markham, Morgan Krantz.

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