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You need a special PAL S-Video cable and a N64 with S-Video support. After a 15 year hiatus, my obsession is to create products that enable us to relive our childhood video games on modern AV equipment. The RetroTINK-2X is a plug-and-play, ultra-low latency line doubler. So I intend to buy a RetroTINK2X for my PS2 to use it in tandem with my MCable on my 1080p TV, but use component cables. Sitting somewhere between these options is the RetroTINK-2X. For those on a tight budget and willing to put up with input delay and miscellaneous quirks and qualms, you can also find countless cheap upscalers littering Amazon and eBay. in PS1 games. you can spend a bit more and get an ossc.

As times and, perhaps more importantly, TVs, have moved on, this once-simple process has become painful. Giving an overall muddier image, smoothing is a perfect way to hide these blemishes. The board itself is housed in two plexiglass plates you're expected to assemble yourself. An assortment of different SFC games played via S-Video both with and without the filter. Where the OSSC has plenty of features, it lacks ports for S-Video and composite input. Today, we're full steam ahead on building new toys. Taking a 240p signal via one of component, composite, or S-Video, it outputs at 480p via mini HDMI; no mess, no fuss. The 2X requiring only one amp of current, it's perfectly happy to be powered by a TV's USB port, or really any kind of phone charger you might have lying around. The video above goes through a number of Super Famicom games with and without the filter. Component works on 240p, 480i or 480p. I'm Mike Chi, the guy behind RetroTINK. Despite how common it may be in the US, it's far more hit and miss in Europe. Its hand-drawn aesthetic is the perfect style of game to appreciate being smoothed over. This makes this an excellent device for the PS2, Xbox and Wii! Connect your retro-console over composite, S-Video and component to your modern display! I'm an old school electrical engineer and an even older school gamer. We were truly surprised and honored at how well the community received the 2X. Both S Video and Component simply are a clearer/cleaner way of output delivery. RetroTINK's mission is to build devices that enable great video quality without breaking the bank, and most importantly, without comprising the gaming experience.

With that, you're good to go! Review: RetroTINK-2X (Hardware), Supports S-Video, component, and composite inputs, Could still be pricey for newcomers at $100. 2X-MINIs In Stock! RetroTINK-2X Pro Multiformat Firmware Page 6,727. But americans who have almost a fucking continent of space, should have no problems with "space". The best source would be the USB port on your TV/monitor. 3. Whether struggling for the lack of compatible ports, horrid built-in deinterlacing, or an incompatibility with the common 240p signal, it's often easier to just leave the hardware in the closet and grab something newer. Power: microUSB input. The 2X mode does exactly what you'd expect, doubling the 240p input for a nicely scaled 480p output.

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